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Inovideco Holding offers extensive knowledge and expertise in the Investment Consulting in the country. We share a common goal with each of our clients to increase the performance of the investment and whether is a promising or profitable in the market. In order to achieve this, we provide several value added services such as feasibility study, market trend,demand, economical valued growth, Mix Marketing analysis etc .

Iran qualifies from many respects to be a good location for investment and doing business.Some of the features Qualities are highlighted below:

  1.Strategic Location: A unique geographical location at the heart of a cross-road connecting the   Middle East, Asia and Europe, empowered by many inter- and trans-regional trade,customs, tax and investment arrangements;

2. Market Potentials and Proximity: Vast domestic market with a population of 70 million growing steadily as well as quick access to neighboring markets with approximately 300 million inhabitants;

3.Labor Privileges: Large pool of trained and efficient manpower at very competitive costs in a diversified economy with an extensive industrial base and service sector;

4.Developed Infrastructure: Territory developed networking in the area of telecommunication, roads and railways across the country;

5.Low Utility and Production Cost: Diversified range of energy, telecommunication, transportation, as well as public utilities;

6.Abundant Natural Resources: Varied and plentiful reserves of natural resources ranging from oil and gas to metallic and non-metallic species reflecting the country’s accessibility to readily available raw materials;

7.Climatic Characteristics: A four-season climatic endowment as a privilege to agricultural activities throughout the country and throughout all seasons.

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