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Requirement for Registration of a Branch or Representative Office There are certain requirements applicable to legal entities or natural persons to register Branches or Representative Office Consider the following general conditions.

1-The company, who intends to open a branch or have a representative office,must have already been registered as a legal entity in its own country of origin.
2-Bilateral treatment is required from your country that means that Iranian companies shall be able to enjoy the same treatment (as a minimum) in your country regarding registering branches or representative offices.
3-Representative agencies shall be managed / administered by persons permanently situated in Iran

In addition to the above mentioned general conditions, your field of activity shall fall within one of the following categories:
1-You intend to give offer sales services to your Iranian customers if you are selling products or services to Iranian buyers; you can apply to register a branch or representative agency of your company to provide after sales services.

2-You have a contract with Iranian entities and, for the execution of project,you need to be located in Iran and be recognized as a legal entity.

3-If you are considering investment for the purpose or investigating potential projects, partners etc, you can apply for the same.

4-You have a joint contract with Iranian contractors to execute a project in a third country.

5-Your activity promotes Iranian exports. If what you intend to do can be categorized as bringing technology, special equipments, knowledge, know-how. Etc which ends in promotion of Iranian entities' capabilities to produces more competent products and consequently promotion of Iranian exports, you can apply as well.

6-Offering and transferring engineering, technical knowledge and know - how.

7-You have a contract with government of Iran, or you have obtained a special permission from the relative Iranian authority to perform your special activities (which need special permission such as banking services, transportation, etc)

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