Commercial Law

Iran has different well structured laws and regulations applicable to both domestic and foreign companies working in Iran such as commercial code company law, import and export regulations, labor law, social security regulations, taxations, industrial and intellectual property protection, foreign national entry, Resident and work permits, Banking and insurance etc.

Generally the government of Iran protects the legal rights of foreign companies active in Iran, licensed investors, registered branches or representative offices in exactly the same manner as it does with Iranian companies.

If there is bilateral investment Treaty agreement between Iran and your country even more favorable treatment is provided. Companies are encouraged to get acquainted with the above-mentioned regulations. However to start your business, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with at least the following acts: "foreign investment Promotion and protection Act" and "Act For Registration of Foreign Companies".



You should differentiate the regulations, which are applicable to Main Land and to Free Zones as Free Zones are independent form the Main Land. If you intend to carry out your business in free zones, then you should take into account commercial regulations developed for free zones only.

Our recommendation to get through the operation and start a business is to choose your trust worthy and reliable business partner, or an expert consultant to help you to find the right things right times and right places.

Which document need to registered branch in Iran?

The applicants of establishment of a branch in Iran need to submit the following documents to the Company's Registrar in Iran:

1.A written application by the company;

2.Notarized certified copies of the company's Articles of Association, certificate of incorporation, and latest changes thereto advise to the competent authorities.

3.A report containing:

I.Information pertaining to the activities of the company.
II.Justification and the need for the establishment of a branch in Iran;
III.Nature and scope of the authorities given to the branch and the object of the branch;
IV.An estimate of human resources required, segregated between Iranian and expatriate employees;
V.The manner by which the local requirements of the branch (foreign currency and Rials) are funded.

4.A letter from a government agency in the event that the company has concluded a contract with that agency;

5.Registration declaration for the branch. This will be completed by us and forwarded to you for execution;

6.A letter of authority authorizing the branch manager to act on behalf of the foreign company;

7.A letter of commitment executed by the local representative undertaking to proceed to liquidate the branch in the event the activities of the branch are terminated by the Iranian competent authorities;

8.Notarized certified lost audit report & financial statements

Kindly note that any of the documents set out above which are prepared outside Iran must be certified by the competent authorities and confirmed by the foreign ministry and notarized by the Iranian Consulate in that Country. The above documents must be translated into Farsi and the English originals as well as the translated versions must be submitted to the Company's Registrar.

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