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One of the most effective ways to gather and understand a new potential Market is Via National Exhibitions & International Fairs.

Inovideco ensures your satisfaction with our abilities to either organize a unique Private exhibition orparticipation in the Public fairs of your products or services as per your requirements.


List of Exhibitions 2013

International trade fair for furniture, office furniture, decorations, furniture design, machinery, equipment and accessories

18.02.2013 - 21.02.2013
Tehran- Iran

International trade fair for building materials and construction

08.05.2013 - 12.05.2013
Tabriz- Iran


Food and beverage production and packaging technology trade Fair

26.05.2013 - 29.05.2013 
Tehran- Iran


Food, beverages and hospitality trade fair

26.05.2013 - 29.05.2013
Tehran- Iran


International building and construction industries exhibition

17.08.2013 - 20.08.2013
Tehran- Iran


Agricultural Trade Fair



International Trade Fair for Machinery, Plant, Processes and Materials for Construction Industry, Building Materials and Natural Stone.

Tehran- Iran

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