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Inovideco Holding Ltd optimizes your practice!Run your firm efficiently and productively in every aspect of your practice.

Our teams of consultants,combined,have over 10 years of experienced assisting lawyers and legal professionals with the business side of running a law practice or managing a corporate legal department. Our specialty among others is in Property Law,Trust Law,Company Law,Mergers and Acquisitions,Tax and Estate Law.

Law Firm

Our professionals can assist clients in a wide variety of cases and issues related to setting up a business either in Cyprus, Iran or in any other part of the world. We specialize in variety of services some of which include:

  • Tax structure optimization based on the individual circumstances
  • Operational support for the companies post establishment
  • Nominee services  
  • Accounting support
  • Tax and vat consulting and much more.

We can also assist clients in buying properties and investing in Cyprus, Iran, Europe & North America.

 : Our Values

"Reputation before revenue" Our criteria are whether our efforts will bring a positive result for the clients

"Satisfaction guarantee" that allows you to always measure whether our fees match the results being  achieved, and by our very serious undertaking to provide ongoing support.

"Absolute confidentiality" We will not disclose any information relevant to the nature of client relationships, the specific work undertaken, or any information obtained either during or after the completion of this assignment as a result of our involvement.





Iran Office

  • No.8 Separ ave, Shahidi Str, Haghani highway, Jahan koodak, Tehran ,Iran
  • +982186087195
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Austria Office

  • No 18, Unit 14, fleischmarkt 1010, wien
  • +43 68864244679

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